Effects of Peat and Chiken Litter on Three Cultivars of Plantain in Plants Vivo: FHIA 21, PITA 3 and Horn 1

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Francis Koffi Bedie
Louise Turquin
Deless Edmond Fulgence Thiemele


Aims: This study was carried out to test various substrates made of a mixture of earth with different proportions of organic fertilizing substances to improve the technique of mass production of plantain plantain material, and the multiplication of shelled strains (MSD).

Place and Duration of Study: The study of the growth and development of plantain cultivars FHIA 21, PITA 3 and Horn 1 was carried out in the region of Azaguié, at the production station of plantain banana (Musa pardisiaca) plants of the National Center for Agricultural Research (CNRA) under tunnel and shade for a period of 8 months.

Methodology: The substrates tested were chicken litter and peat mixed with soil in 25%, 50% and 75% proportions. Our study took place from March to November 2014.

Results: For tunnel results, S7 (soil 25% - mature chicken litter 75%) and S6 (soil 50% - mature chicken litter 50%) had positive impacts on the height of the three cultivars, particularly Horn 1 while the dry matter was improved by the substrate S1 earth (100%). The S7 substrate allowed good root production regardless of the cultivar and also increased root branching levels. Under the shade, substrates S7 and S6 negatively influenced the height. The number of roots and the degree of branching of the roots were improved by the substrates S2 (50% earth - 50% peat) and S3 (25% earth - 75% peat). The amounts of dry matter fluctuated without any significant difference. The influence of the two environments on the development and growth parameters of the in vivo plants revealed that the highest values were obtained under tunnel with the exception of the dry matter.

Conclusion: This study confirmed that, there was influence of substrates on the growth and development of plantain banana plants. Substrate S7 gave the best result under tunnel and under shaded substrates S2 and S3. In both environments, S7 substrates had a positive effect on the number of roots emitted.

Substrate, chicken litter, peat, growth, development, plantain banana.

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Bedie, F., Turquin, L., & Thiemele, D. (2019). Effects of Peat and Chiken Litter on Three Cultivars of Plantain in Plants Vivo: FHIA 21, PITA 3 and Horn 1. International Journal of Plant & Soil Science, 26(1), 1-9. https://doi.org/10.9734/IJPSS/2018/46147
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