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Current Issue

2024 - Volume 36 [Issue 8]

Original Research Article

Effectiveness of Seed Priming and Fertilizer Levels on Nutrient Available and Uptake in Rabi Maize

Khemendra Choudhary, Ramesh M. Pankhaniya, Mahendra Choudhary, Raghuveer Choudhary, Akshay Pareek, Satya Narayan Gurjar, Ganesha Ram

Evaluation of Different Botanicals Against Sclerotium rolfsii Causing Collar Rot Disease of Lentil

Suman Chopra, Reeti Singh, Smriti Akodiya, Rajkumar Bajya, Ravi Regar, Vedant Gautam

Effect of Transient Waterlogging Stress on Growth, Physiology and Yield of Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L.) in Semi-Arid Region

E. Senthamil, S.S. Angadi, Hanamant M. Halli, S.R. Salakinkop, M.B. Doddamani, S.S. Gundlur

Dry Leaf Biomass Stability of Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana) Clones over Different Environments

Niketa Yadav, Satbeer Singh, Ramesh Chauhan, Ashok Kumar, Sanatsujat Singh

Effect of Phosphorus Fertilization and PSB Inoculation on Growth Attributes and Root Nodulation of Chickpea

Jagdeesh, Prajapati, B.K. Dixit, P.K., Tyagi, K.C., Shukla, Umesh Singh, Abhishek Sharma

Impact of CFLD’s on Productivity and Profitability of Blackgram in Farmers, Fields of West Godavari District, India

Podapati Vinayalakshmi, N. Mallikharjuna Rao, G. Naveen Kumar, A. Rajesh, A. Srinivasa Rao

Effect of Microbial Consortiums on Germination and Initial Growth Attributes of Mangosteen

Rajendra B. N., Jyothi Bhaskar, Surendra Gopal K., Anu G. Krishnan, Krishna Kumar G., Rajalekshmi K.

Impact of Various IBA Concentrations on Rooting in Apical Shoot Cutting and Stem Cuttings of Callistemon lanceolatus (Sm.) Sweet in Polytunnel Conditions

Packialakshmi, M, N. Naveena, R. Sangeetha Vishnuprabha, Benisha S, Harshavardhini K, Jayapradha J.S., Nikhil Balu Rajput