Reflections on Efforts Geared toward Improved Soil Fertility and Crop Yields in Kenya

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Arusey Chebet
Ruth Njoroge
Wilson Ng’etich


A successful strategy aimed at enhancing crop productivity relies on its ability to be implemented practically in the field (farmers’ field). Many research-based activities and promising soil fertility technologies are largely not adopted. This paper examines the impact of the agricultural research conducted at the University of Eldoret, agricultural institutes and the government of Kenya projects at a farm level on crop yields. Precisely, this paper narrows down to research done with an aim of exploring system approaches that address soil phosphorus and its effect on increasing crop yields in Western Kenya. Strategies like the collaboration of scientists and non scientists (transdisciplinary process) produced successful results. A qualified soil test with differentiated soil testing recommendations increases the yield by about 1.5 t dry maize ha-1. Participating in a transdisciplinary process provides an additional surplus of about 1 t dry maize ha-1 yield. Economically, this is a highly attractive result; given that soil testing costs around 20 USD, a surplus of 1 t dry maize returns approximately 330 USD. Although literature registers success stories of many research work, there is slow and limited adoption rate of the output by farmers. We          suggest the development and expansion of transdisciplinary research and creation of Farmer Research Network to seek a one-size-fits-all solution for farmers to adopt technologies with proven success.

Soil fertility, crop yield, fertilizer, green manure, bio fertilizer

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Chebet, A., Njoroge, R., & Ng’etich, W. (2019). Reflections on Efforts Geared toward Improved Soil Fertility and Crop Yields in Kenya. International Journal of Plant & Soil Science, 26(4), 1-8.
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