Identification of Wheat Cultivars by CART Analysis

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Ummey Shapla
M. Hasanuzzaman
Md. Omar Kayess


This experiment was conducted at the Research Farm of the Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding of Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University, Dinajpur, Bangladesh to develop biometrical methods based on some morphological traits for characterization of the selected wheat varieties. Among the selected wheat varieties BARI Gom 26 requires comparatively fewer days and BARI Gom 27 requires more days for 50% heading than other varieties. The BARI Gom 28, BARI Gom 29 and BARI Gom 30 are comparatively short (< 90 cm) whereas others are medium-sized (> 90 cm) plants. BARI Gom 27 has narrow flag leaf than others. BARI Gom 28 show short spike length while BARI Gom 22, BARI Gom 26 and BARI Gom 30 show nearly a similar length of the spike. The BARI Gom 25 is large-sized in length and breadth but the grain of BARI GOM 27 is comparatively small sized. BARI Gom 22, BARI Gom 23, BARI Gom 24, BARI Gom 25 and BARI Gom 26 are classified which have <7.5 mm length of the grain. The 1000 grain weight of BARI Gom 24 is more than other wheat varieties and comparatively less in BARI Gom 22 and BARI Gom 27. BARI Gom 24 can be identified with the height of >90 cm, breath of flag leaf is >1.2 cm, spike length is >10 cm and yield per plant is >20.196 g. Based on these variations, a classification and regression tree (CART) has been developed to identify the wheat variety easily and quickly.

Wheat, identification, morphological variation, CART analysis.

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Shapla, U., Hasanuzzaman, M., & Kayess, M. O. (2020). Identification of Wheat Cultivars by CART Analysis. International Journal of Plant & Soil Science, 31(6), 1-8.
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