Agroeconomic Aspects of Project Implementation of Intensive Fruit Farming

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Besim Salkić
Edin Ramić
Ensar Salkić
Emina Mešinović
Adela Mujić


Aim: The aim of this paper is to determine agroeconomic effects of intensifying the cultivation of fruits and the introduction of new technologies in fruit production.

Methods: The project involved 150 farmers. The implementation of the projects took three years. Throughout the project, continuous theoretical training was provided in the form of lectures and presentations, as well as practical training of individuals and groups of 15-20 farmers.

Results: Gradacac area (Bosnia and Herzegovina) has favorable conditions for intensive cultivation of canopy fruit. In addition to the favorable agro-environmental conditions and many unemployed people as well as the tradition of fruit cultivation, they encouraged the Lutheran World Federation -LWF to implement project of intensive fruit farming. The economy of canopy fruit production is conditioned by many factors: the choice of variety, rootstock, training system and location, moreover the intensity of application of agro and pomotechnical treatments, production costs and market price. Intensive fruit production has its specific features and large investments, but as a result it can be said that it is economically viable. The project organized for the first time in this area continuous education and long-term monitoring, introduced new grounds, a new training system and maintaining orchards.

Conclusion: It is very important to note that for the Municipality of Gradacac the inflow of funds of over BAM 2 million is enabled every year during the period of full fruiting.

Intensive fruit farming, canopy fruit, economy of canopy fruit production.

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Salkić, B., Ramić, E., Salkić, E., Mešinović, E., & Mujić, A. (2020). Agroeconomic Aspects of Project Implementation of Intensive Fruit Farming. International Journal of Plant & Soil Science, 31(6), 1-8.
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