Structural Analysis of the Differential Chassis for Development of Paddy Weeder Using Finite Element Analysis

Veeraprasad G. *

Dr. NTR College of Agricultural Engineering, ANGRAU, Bapatla, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Srininvas I.

Central Research institute of Dryland Agriculture, Hyderabad, India.

Ramireddy K. V. S.

Dr. NTR College of Agricultural Engineering, ANGRAU, Bapatla, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Hemakumar H. V.

College of Agricultural Engineering, ANGRAU, Madakasira, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Srinivasa Rao V.

Agriculture College, ANGRAU, Bapatla, Andhra Pradesh, India.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Aim: Structural analysis of differential frame used for development of weeder using finitie element analysis interms of Von Misses stress, displacement, and safety factor.

Study Design: Solid work simulation using finite element analysis.

Place and Duration of Study: Dr NTR College of Agricultural Engineering, Bapatla. Duration of study was from June, 2023 to September, 2023.

Methodology: SolidWorks 2018 software was used for the development of 3 D model for differential chassis. AISI 1010 was the material utilized in the construction of the differential chassis of the weeder in this study. Based on the mentioned description of the analysis, the goal of this study was to use SolidWorks 2018 software and the finite element analysis method to examine the differential chassis frame construction. The minimum value of the safety factor was one of the references used as a gauge of a design's safety. Engineers frequently utilize an object's safety factor as a reference metric when determining how much stress it can withstand. This study's results include Von Mises stress, displacement, and safety factor for determining the material's capacity to sustain dynamic loads and shock loads.

Results & Discussions: The rated load of 2943N applied on differential chassis as per design calculation, lowest value of von Mises stress 0.112 N/m2 was observed at the Centre of differential where drive chain attached portion and highest von misses stress of 3.12x106 N/m2 was observed at brake drum edges where axle sprocket attached. Max deformation of 0.0647mm was observed at Centre of differential and minimum deformation of 1x10-3mm was observed at edges of brake drum. When rated load of 2943N applied, the factor of safety was observed as 3 which suited for carrying dynamic loads.

Conclusion: The differential chassis selected was suitable for development of axle system up to 2000 N dynamic load.

Keywords: Differential chassis, paddy weeder, Stress analysis, Finite element analysis

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Veeraprasad G., Srininvas I., Ramireddy K. V. S., Hemakumar H. V., & Srinivasa Rao V. (2023). Structural Analysis of the Differential Chassis for Development of Paddy Weeder Using Finite Element Analysis. International Journal of Plant & Soil Science, 35(22), 549–555.


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