Impact of Insect Infestation on Plant Damage and Yield of Roselle [Hibiscus sabdariffa L.] in Benue State, Nigeria

L. D. Simon, E. O. Ogunwolu, E. Okoroafor

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Study on Relationship among the Various Physico-Chemical Soil Properties and Identification of Soil Acidifying Components

Shayan Dey, Pramit Pandit, Sourav Roy

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Root Iron Localization and Proteomic Impairment in Anaerobic Rice Cultivars Exposed to Excess Iron

T. Saikia, R. Stafford, J. Bhuyan, A. Borthakur

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Effects of Peat and Chiken Litter on Three Cultivars of Plantain in Plants Vivo: FHIA 21, PITA 3 and Horn 1

Francis Koffi Bedie, Louise Turquin, Deless Edmond Fulgence Thiemele

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Growth Potentials of Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp) on a Crude Oil Polluted Soil: A Screen House Experiment

Okunwaye, Iris, Ogboghodo, Ikponmwosa, Ewansiha, Sylvester, Oriakpono, Obemeata

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