Effect of Fertilization and Bacterial Inoculation on Nutrient Status in Coal Mine Soil under Alder (Alnus sibirica) Plantation

Md. Omar Sharif, Chang-Seob Shin

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Study of the Control of Fungus Occurring in Schizolobium amazonicum Seeds with the Use of Pyroligneous Extract

D. G. da C. Macedo, G. Q. David, O. M. Yamashita, W. M. Peres, M. A. C. de Carvalho, M. E. de Sá, F. M. dos S. Lourenço, M. P. de B. Mateus, I. V. Karsburg, T. P. M. de Arruda, C. Rodrigues

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Application of Quality Indicators in the Evaluation of Subtropical Argiudolls and Hapludolls in Formosa (Argentina)

Juan Esteban Baridón, Roberto Raúl Casas

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Effect of Tillage and Water Management on Aggregate Stability of a Gleyic Cambisols

E. A. Manasseh

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Effect of Amending Acid Oxisols Using Basalt Dust, Tithonia diversifolia Powder and NPK 20-10-10 on Garlic (Allium sativum) Production in Bafut (Cameroon Volcanic Line)

Primus Azinwi Tamfuh, Pierre Wotchoko, Asafor Henry Chotangui, Alice Magha, Djibril Gus Kouankap Nono, Monique Njoya Mot Peghetmo, David Guimolaire Nkouathio, Dieudonné Bitom

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