Phytoremediation of Copper and Nickel Contaminated Soil Using Eleusine indica on Soil Properties

G. I. Ameh, E. J. Onuh

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Influence of Soil Bioamendments on the Availabilty of Nickel and Phytoextraction Capability of Marigold from the Contaminated Soil

V. Sathya, S. Mahimairaja, A. Bharani, A. Krishnaveni

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Morphological and Structural Characterization of Rhizospheric Endomycorrhiza Communities Associated with Rice Grown in the Sahelian Zone (Chad)

Yoradi Nadjilom, Steve Takoukam Toukam, Richard Tobolbaï, Albert Ngakou

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Environmental Diagnosis of Degraded Pasture Areas and Soil Chemical Quality

Shayani Fernandes Mota, Marcelo Borges, Bruna Azevedo Barbosa, Thais Alves da Silveira Lourenço Borges, Gilson Araújo de Freitas, Evandro Alves Ribeiro, Rubens Ribeiro da Silva

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Adaptive Strategies of Desert Plants in Coping with the Harsh Conditions of Desert Environments: A Review

K. U. Ekwealor, C. B. Echereme, T. N. Ofobeze, G. C. Ukpaka

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