Effect of Harvesting Stages on Seed and Oil Yield of Rapeseed-mustard to Suitable in a Cropping Pattern

A. H. M. Motiur Rahman Talukder, Mrityunjoy Biswas, Mohammad Noor Hossain Miah, M. A. Kashem, Lutfun Nahar

Page: 1-10
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Chemical Characteristic of Forest Soil and Gold Mine Tailings and Their Effect to the Plant Growth of Two Leguminous Trees

Ricksy Prematuri, Maman Turjaman, Takumi Sato, Keitaro Tawaraya

Page: 11-20
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Antifungal Activity of Securidaca longepedunculata and Acacia gourmaensis Hydro-ethanolic Extracts against Three Rice Seed-borne Fungi

Léon W. Nitiema, Fabrice W. Nikiema, Drissa Sérémé, Pierre A. E. D. Sombié

Page: 21-28
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Effect of Decomposed Crushed Seeds, Oil Cakes and Deoiled Cakes of Neem on Growth and Development of Maize (Zea mays)

S. C. Kiran, C. Nagarajaiah

Page: 29-34
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Characterization of Indigenous Rhizobia Strains Associated to Soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merrill] in Benin

M. C. C. Zoundji, P. Houngnandan, F. Boko, F. Toukourou

Page: 35-46
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Effect of Herbicides Application on Soil Physico-chemical Properties and Performance of Maize in Sudan Savanna Zone of Nigeria

G. Omar, B. Tasi’u

Page: 47-58
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Soil Fertility for Sustainable Crop Production: A Case Study of Gyerentor in Kete Krachi, Oti Region of Ghana

Felix O. Ababio, Adams Sadick, Gyekye M. Prince, Calys-Tagoe Edward

Page: 59-67
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Integrated Soil Fertility Management for Small Holder Cocoa Farms: Using Combination of Cocoa Pod Husk Based Compost and Mineral Fertilizers

Moses Ogunwole Ogunlade, Samuel Bukola Orisajo

Page: 68-77
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Soil Organic Carbon Stock as Affected by Different Tillage Practices under Rice-Mustard Cropping System

Rajat Kumar Parit, K. Mahanta, P. K. Bharteey, H. Khanikar, P. K. Maurya

Page: 78-84
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Quality of the Diluted Landfill Leachate in Water Supply Used in the Performance of Drippers

Francisco de Oliveira Mesquita, Rafael Oliveira Batista, Daniela Costa Leite Coelho, Ketson Bruno da Silva, Antonio Gustavo de Luna Souto, Emanoel Lima Martins, André Japiassú, Adriana Araújo Diniz

Page: 85-93
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