Land Use Influence on Some Soil Physical and Chemical Properties of an Alfisol at Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria

J. J. Onemayin, V. A. Olayiwola, F. O. Abiodun, F. B. Musa, R. S. Idris

Page: 1-8
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Impact of Application of Fertilizer and Lime on Yield of Banana (Grand Naine) and Soil Parameters in Acidic Soil of Arunachal Pradesh

Jitendra Kumar, H. Kalita, Thejangulie Angami, D. Ramajayam, Amit Sen, Kshtiz Shukla

Page: 9-17
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Yield, Quality and Economics of Various Rice Varieties of Telangana as Affected by Saline Irrigation Water under Different Agronomic Management Options

Botha Prashanthi, K. Suresh, V. Ramulu, S. Sridevi

Page: 25-34
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Lead Adsorption onto Clay Soil Treated with Sugarcane Organic Waste Biochar

Atef A. A. Sweed, Ahmed A. M. Awad

Page: 51-61
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Economics of Hybrid Maize Production Using of Lignite and Poultry Manure Based Humin in an Acid Soil of Eastern Dry Zone of Karnataka

Chandrakant ., G. G. Kadalli, P. K. Basavaraja

Page: 62-68
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Assessment of Growth and Yield of Watermelon and Soil Physical Properties in Response to Different Tillage Methods

A. J. Baayim, H. K. Dapaah, K. Agyarko, K. Atakora, K. Kyere, B. Y. Osei, I. Boateng

Page: 79-88
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Assessment of Soil Quality under Different Agricultural Land Use Systems: A Case Study of the Ibadan Farm Settlement

B. O. Adebo, A. O. Aweto, K. Ogedengbe

Page: 89-104
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Advancement in CMS Based Hybrid Development in Cauliflower (Brassica oleracea var. Botrytis)

Amit Kumar, Anjani Kumar, Chandan Roy

Page: 18-24
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Organic Farming: Prospects, Constraints, Opportunities and Strategies for Sustainable Agriculture in Chhattisgarh - A Review

S. P. Singh, Chanchala Rani Patel, K. K. Paikra

Page: 35-50
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Salinity Stress Effect on the Germination of Three Cereals: Maize (Zea mays), Millet (Pennisetum glaucum) and Rice (Oriza sativa)

Sanogo Souleymane, Camara Brahima, Kone Tchoa, Tuo Seydou, Kamara Adjata, Kone Daouda, Zouzou Michel

Page: 69-78
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