Effect of Cow Urine Foliar Spray on Quality Attributes and Chemical Characteristics of Byadgi chilli (Capsicum annuum L.) in a Vertisol

K. L. Shaziya, B. I. Bidari, S. T. Hundekar, M. Pushpalatha

Page: 1-8
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Inoculation of Pseudomonas putida in Farmer Environment to Improve Growth and Yield: Maize (Zea mays L.) Trial in Sothern, Central and Northern (Benin)

M. Y. Adoko, N. A. Agbodjato, G. C. Ouikoun, O. Amogou, P. A. Noumavo, H. Sina, A. D. Koda, M. Allagbé, N. Ahoyo Adjovi, A. Adjanohoun, L. Baba-Moussa

Page: 9-21
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Effected Irradiated Sewage Sludge and Compost on Jatropha Yield Production and Using 15Nitrogen

Ahmed A. Moursy, M. M. Ismail

Page: 22-30
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Effect of Tillage Practices and Irrigation Schedule on Soil Quality and Yield of Some Rice (Oryza sativa L.) in Sokoto Rima Flood Plain

E. A. Manasseh, Mahavir Singh, O. E. Fadeiye, M. I. Aliyu

Page: 49-57
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Performance of Half-Sib Progenies Developed from an Early Maturing Maize (Zea mays L.) Population in a Rain-Forest Location

A. O. Fadahunsi, A. Oluwaranti, M. A. B. Fakorede

Page: 58-68
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Soil and Nutrient Loss from Hill as Affected by Different Cropping and Mulch Practices in Hilly Area of Bangladesh

Md. Zonayet, A. J. M. Sirajul Karim

Page: 69-80
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Priming with Methylene Blue Enhances the Antioxidant Properties and Germination Power of Cowpea, Millet and Sorghum Seeds

Jerry Ampofo-Asiama, Francis Amoako-Andoh, Bright Quaye

Page: 81-89
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The Effects of Biofertilizers, Organic and Inorganic Nutrient Sources on Growth Parameters and Yield of Piper betle L. (Betlevine) under Gangetic Alluvial Soil of West Bengal

Babli Dutta, A. K. Bandyopadhyay, Samima Sultana, Adwaita Mondal, B. C. Rudra, Ganesh Das

Page: 90-95
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Effect of Planting Methods and Seedling Age on Growth, Yield and Nutrient Uptake in Rice under High Rainfall Areas of Bay Islands

N. Bommayasamy, L. B. Singh, F. H. Rahman

Page: 96-102
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