Distribution of Volatile Compounds in Kaffir Lime (Citrus hystrix) Leaves Grown in Soilless Substrate Analyzed Using Electronic Nose

Ramasamy Ravi, Steven Kennedy, Dharma Pitchay

Page: 1-9
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Water Stress Alter Leaf Hydric Status and Flower Bud Development in Apricot cv. “Royal”

H. Ramírez, A. I. Melendres- Alvarez, A. Zermeño- González, D. Jasso- Cantú, J. A. Villarreal- Quintanilla

Page: 10-19
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Exploring Yield Potential of Pigeonpea and Soybean Intercropping Systems in NEHZ

Lowrence Kithan, Malini B. Sharma, Akumla Longchar, Tinatoly Sema, Kavi Sumi

Page: 20-27
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Assessment of Soil Fertility Status in a Cereal Based Cropping System at Outer Himalayas of Himachal Pradesh

Gazala Nazir, V. K. Sharma, . Anjali, Deepika Suri

Page: 28-35
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Soil Fertility Assessment of Semiarid Soils from Nigeria Cropped to Sorghum

Nasiru M. Danmowa, Peter Nkedi- Kizza, Kelly T. Morgan, Kamal Mahmoud

Page: 36-46
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Effect of Graded Levels of Sulphur on Growth and Yield Attributes of Two Sesame (Sesamum indicum) Varieties at Two Different Soil Sulphur Status

L. Venkatakrishnan, M. R. Backiyavathy, S. Meena, T. Kalaiselvi, D. Amirtham

Page: 65-71
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Supply of Compost and Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi for Enhancing Quality of Ceiba pentandra (Kapok Tree) Seedlings

B. L. A. Anguiby, E. L. Bomisso, K. S. B. N’goran, S. Ake

Page: 72-85
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Performance of Ber (Zizyphus mauritiana lamk.) Varieties under Two Irrigation Scheduling of Saline Water in Central Gujarat Conditions in India

L. M. Patil, S. R. Gomkale, S. S. Roy, J. R. Mori, V. K. Kauthale

Page: 86-92
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Arsenic Mitigation Approach in Soil by Some Indigenous Sources of Biochar Made at Low Pyrolysis Temperature

N. Ferdousi, S. M. Imamul Huq

Page: 93-108
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Risk Assessment of Selenium and Boron Pollutants in Environment

Mohammad M. Almutari

Page: 47-64
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